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        Traditional art of sword of Japan – one of the brightest events of world culture. The Japanese sword  was not the only lethal weapon and the hallmark of the social status of its owner, but also it was sacred object around which were formed tradition and rituals to create a unique world of the sword.
        Gallery of traditional Japanese art of sword "Origami-Token" offers you to walk through the pages of history enjoying works of great swordsmiths and opportunity to purchase high quality item. Any of presented swords would certainly make a  nice addition to your collection.
        All samples submitted in the "Origami-Token" correspond to the specs. Photos and information material prepared by request . Each of the products has the necessary supporting documents: certificate of authenticity, a letter of guarantee from the gallery etc. 
        You find professionalism and responsibility at every stage of cooperation.
                                                             Welcome to the gallery "Origami-Token"!

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